creative and innovative refinement possibilities

LANGRO-CHEMIE is a manufacturer of finishing products for all kinds of leather

The focus is on products for fashionable, elegant, "natural" leather with modern, efficient, environmentally friendly application methods. 
Even in the earliest stages when choosing suppliers and raw material for developing new products our chemists pay attention to highest quality. 
Our wide product range aims to help finishing technicians all over the word to make the best out of their leathers. 
Experience of many years and continual optimization of processes guarantee the world-renowned quality of our products. 



clear, bright and brilliant colors like the various colors of nature

Pigments with high coverage and intense anilins with a high genuineness allow elegant, thin-layered and modern preparations. Whether for dying, covering, intensifying or as an effect color, the LANGRO choice of colors offers a wide range of applications and meets all requirements.

So that leather remains what it is: a piece of nature – just a bit more beautiful!


product outline

the wax product line

LANGRO-CHEMIE presents two products of the wax product line, designed for the finishing of shoe upper leather.

LANGRO-CHEMIE developed wax products especially suitable for finishing of full-grain and buffed shoe leathers. The result is leather with a very natural character and the typical look of waxed leather.