the right product for every need

overview our waterbased products

pigments: covering pigments dispersions, transparent pigments dispersions, non-ionic pigments, metallic pigments, interference pigments

anilin dyes: dyeing, brightening dyes

polishing coats, glasig coats, top coats

grein filling (smooth surface), covering of defects, matting agents, film interrupting

acrylics: impregnation resins, adhesion resins, base coat resins, matting agents

butadienes: base coat resins, split resins

polyurethanes: base coat resins, adhesion resins, top coats, matting agents, cross linking systems

special preparations: compounds, Split resins, foam base coats

crosslinkers: crosslinkers for reactive polymers

fixing agents: for dyestuffs, for caseins

wetting agents and leveller: wetting aids, levelling aids, penetrators

was emulsionen: tough promoters, anti-stickers, embossing, hot plating, grain filling, special effects

auxiliaries: softeners, plastifying oils, defoaming agents, stabilizers, hydrophobing agents

adjusting of the requested final touch

water-miscibles, self-emulifyings: shiny lacquer, mat lacquer, white lacquer

overview our solvent based products

nitrocellulose lacquers: shiny lacquers, mat lacquers

Zellulose Ester lacquers: lacquers fast to light (no yellowing), white lacquers, mat lacquers

softeners: for lacquers

hydrophobing agents: water repellent, oil repellent

auxiliaries: levelling aids, brush aids

natural looking effects: rustic effects, pull-up, crazy horse, wax collection