economically, environmentally and socially

responsible care

To our company not only the naturalness of our leathers is of prime importance. We also feel obliged to protect the environment. Being one of the first members of the initiative “Responsible Care” of the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI) we became committed to environmental protection and responsible acting early.


concerning the products

When developing our products, we pay special attention to use raw materials harmless to health only. With the pioneering idea of using reactive polyurethanes in combination with a suitable crosslinker we have contributed substantially to the development of reactive finishing - systems on a purely aqueous basis. This was the indispensible precondition for the ecological revolution in the finishing technique, away from organic towards water and low-solvent systems which represent the current state of technique everywhere today, and are applied with great success. 
A further innovation, developed by Langro-Chemie, is the finishing-system with networking by UV rays. It is non-polluting, because no reactive substance damaging to health are added, which is necessary and common practice so far. 

concerning the production

By using innovative manufacturing processes which do not damage the environment, we meet our ecological requirements sustainably. Waste of raw materials in our production is being avoided strictly. Of course, we do fulfill even undercut the given guidelines.

concerning the company in general

In our company environment protection begins with an own sewage plant. Moreover a photo-voltaic system on our buildings contributes to an eco-friendly supply of energy. Moreover a thermal heat pump helps to have a positive energy balance and also saves further energy resources.