by Langro-Chemie

wax-series SF 2 and SF 5 for the natural finishing of shoe upper leather

LANGRO-CHEMIE presents two products of the new wax product line, designed for the finishing of shoe upper leather. The result is leather with a very natural character and the typical look of waxed leather. 

The very strong pull up effect and the good repolish ability are the special features of the waxes. Moreover mistakes are being equalized. With SF 2 and SF 5 hydrophobing is not being affected anymore, which makes the difference to conventional waxes and oils and therefore it is one of the most important advantages.

Additionally they can be combined with other hot waxes and oils. The products are free of solvent, and thus harmless to health and environment. And there is no obligation to label.

For more information about the products please contact us at: technikum@langro.de or info@langro.de.