Sustainability by Langro

It is our focus to develop sustainable solutions and offer our customers permanent value, which also complies with all aspects of a responsible development and a production.

Made by nature.
Respect for nature.

It is our responsibility to highlight the beauty and nature of leather. Considering a natural product in a sustainable way and processing it in harmony with its environment is our highest priority.

Through various professional associations and working groups, as well as our DIN EN ISO 14001 certification, we constantly promote our environmental goals."

Claus Reineking, CEO LANGRO

Tracable supply chains

Our commitment to sustainability does not start with production. From the procurement stage, we prioritize transparency and responsibility.

We ensure that all our materials come from traceable sources, providing us and our customers with certainty about their origin and production conditions. This is a fundamental step in maintaining the integrity of our production process and trust in our products.
Adherence to social and economic standards

It is of utmost importance to us not only to meet social and economic standards but to actively promote them. Our commitment extends beyond compliance with laws; we are dedicated to fair working conditions, economic justice, and ethical behavior in all areas of our company.

Through this responsibility, we secure not only a sustainable future for our business but also for the communities we work with.
Responsible Conduct

Responsible conduct for us is not just a buzzword, but a commitment to our environment, our employees, and society.

It means taking responsibility for using resources sparingly, protecting the environment, and assuming social responsibility at every stage of our business activities. Our initiatives range from optimizing our production processes to supporting local communities and promoting sustainable practices.

Production &

Through innovative and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, as well as the economical use of raw materials, we live up to our environmental standards.

Our processes comply with the certification guidelines of the environmental management system DIN EN ISO 14001 : 2015.

Resources &

We attach great importance to raw materials that are harmless to health. Our contribution to the ecological revolution in finishing technology was the use of reactive polyurethanes in combination with a suitable crosslinker.

This contributed significantly to the development of reactive finishing systems on a purely aqueous basis.